Sunday, March 29, 2015


I'm so glad CW is enjoying his working vacation in Jamaica. Here's another photo of a local "nature tour guide" explaining the benefits of Jamaica's most profitable agricultural export; the possession of which would make CW the most popular oldster at South Padre Island during Spring Break if he had chosen that as his working destination. Anyway, I'm not here to talk about CW's globe trotting even though I haven't been out of the city limits of Tickbite for almost a year (but I'm not bitter), no I'm here to rag on Obama (what else is new?).

You know you may be on the wrong side of history when the Europeans think you're giving away the store and that's just what Obama/Kerry are doing. I wish I could say I was incredulous at our foreign policy follies but I'm not. After six long years of amateurish idiots running the show I think I'm prepared for anything. My God the Middle East is about to blow sky high, the Russians are well on the way to re-establishing their empire, China has the Japanese freaked out so bad they're remilitarizing and we in America are being flooded with a new South-of-the-Border diseased, illiterate and dependent immigrant once every 32 seconds. The question is no longer does Obama love America, the question is why does Obama HATE America and what can we do to stop him? Hell I would argue he hates humanity. The damage he is doing, on so many fronts both domestically and internationally is pretty damned astounding. A Manchurian Candidate with the INTENTION to destroy America and destabilize the world could not do any better. The world and America are going to pay one helluva price for indulging their fantasies and guilt.

Which brings me to Google. There's an interesting article in the NY Post explaining how our tech-nerd friends are a little too nosy for OUR own good. The first thing on the agenda of a new Republican administration (in the unlikely event that were to happen) would be to bust up Google! Break out the old Sherman Antitrust Act and get going. But Hammer, Goggle's monopoly was won fairly in the marketplace, they deserve their EARNED marketshare. Sorry, I don't give a shit. Like our President said, you can't bring a knife to a gun fight and by hook or crook, one way or the other by any means necessary these technoids have got to be brought under control. I do not wish to live in a techno-totalitarian shithole run by an American Stasi. In fact I personally would go a step further. I would throw Eric Schmidt's mindless Judas Goat ass in prison for 12-15. Let him sit at a computer terminal plotting his snoop-topia after that asshole of his has been wrung out the size of a grapefruit.

On a lighter note I was very disappointed in Notre Dame last evening. They played good enough to win, and they were in a position to win. Unfortunately Coach Mike Brey didn't have a play ready when they needed it. With 6 seconds on the clock and the Irish down by two their guard dribbled the ball the length of the court and took a Hail Mary with three Kentucky kids in his face. Steve Vasturia was open on the right wing (2 for 3 from three point range), and I mean WIDE ASS OPEN but nobody saw him. Coach didn't have a play ready, simple as that. They should have practiced this scenario all week and been ready, but they obviously weren't. Look I've got nothing against Kentucky other than they're liars and cheats along the lines of UNC, they just haven't gotten caught yet. Plus if I see that botoxed bimbo of a leftist freakazoid casting couch has-been Ashley Judd on MY tv screen one more time I'm gonna lose it!

Well that's all I got. I leave you with one of me favorites.

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