Friday, March 27, 2015

Big Fat Friday Free For All

Aw...what's got you down, Betty?  Your Mountaineers bite off a little more than they could chew?  Getting a little confused by the fact that we are destroying our relationship with Israel in favor of a an agreement with a country for whom we are providing air cover in Syria/Iraq and against whom we are supporting the Saudi's in Yemen?  Share your pain, friends.  Right here.

This update comes to you from Terminal C at BWI, where I am shortly to begin my quick hit to Jamaica.  I get there early this afternoon and leave on Monday midday.  This trip was driven by a great case of envy when the Kittens went to Mexico and I realized how the winter had--as Hammer's Mrs. might say--taken the piss out of me.  Four days at an all-inclusive little get away all by my lonesome.  The weather is shaking up to be dreadful down there, so I'll have plenty of time to sleep and grade dreadful War College papers.

Hammer is in full celebration as the Tar Heels lost a tough one to Wisconsin last night--I realize the depth of his hatred, but I put away such things when league honor is at stake.  Hell, I'm even rooting for Duke the rest of the way.  Really great to see Notre Dame still humping it.  I predict they will give Kentucky all they can take.

As this is a BFFFFA, I am obliged to provide weight data, but I forgot to weigh myself this morning whilst I floated about my bedroom thinking only about Jamaica.  I managed also to leave the house without my hearing aids, but turned around in the lane to retrieve them.  On the off chance that I engage in conversation with another human over the next couple of days, I suppose I ought to be able to understand them.  Fear not though, friends, it was a good, disciplined week of dieting and progress toward "150's by 50" remains steady.

Until Jamaica, then.

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