Monday, November 16, 2015

Dispatch from the Road

I awoke fully rested at 0345, which is fine when one goes to sleep before 60 minutes is over. Yes, I am in San Diego again, with my internal clock remaining on Easton time. I flew here yesterday, taking the opportunity before I left to post a Facebook shot of my standard travel rig (blazer, white t, track pants, trainers) which elicited far more discussion than it merited--but that's Facebook. I wish I had taken as much time thinking about my preparation, as I traveled without neck ties and without the power cord to my laptop.

The neckties were easily (and cheaply) remedied with a trip to some discount clothing mill called "Ross", a place I had never before been and wish never to return to. On a Sunday afternoon, the place was crawling with bargain hungry customers, clothes were strewn about, there seemed no order whatsoever to the place. I almost gave up looking when I happened upon a tie rack that had a few decent choices on it. Even better though, were the prices--$7.99 and $9.99 respectively.  They'll do just fine.

The power cord is a bit more of an issue. The previous one suffered a massive casualty last week in which the the cord essentially wore away at the AC adapter, but in my mind, this was not an issue as I believed that I had another. This belief was false however, and so Amazon is spiriting a few of these bad boys to me while I am here. I will use the battery until it dies, and then rely solely upon my phone for computing power from here.

It rained here yesterday. Rain is a noteworthy occurrence in Southern California. I happened to be at a local grocery chain buying pre-cooked hard boiled eggs (keeps the breakfast costs down--my clients appreciate my thriftiness) and the place was jammed. The conversation in line revealed clear consensus that it was due to the rain--as if people here did what we in the East do when it is going to snow. Odd.  But then again, this is California.

I will be here through Wednesday evening, and then redeye back to Easton. I have been assigned full Turkey duty this year, which means selecting and cooking, and so I will likely begin that process on Thursday and Friday. We normally field a crowd of a dozen on Thanksgiving, and so something in the neighborhood of 22-24 lbs ought to do. This will be my ninth Thanksgiving with the Kitten et Kittens, and it is my firm belief that they are nearing a consensus view that I should be invited back next year.

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