Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Hammer's Rivalry Week Predictions 2015

CW is fond of his end of year predictions (me not so much). To me predicting what will happen in the geopolitical world is about as useful as predicting the weather three months out, but college football is a bit different. How so I haven't a clue. Anyway here are today's game predictions according to the Sage of Tickbite.

Clemson vs South Carolina: This game will break one of two ways. The Cocks will play them very tough and maybe even pull out a win or Clemson will run through 'em like Sherman burning Columbia. Get out the fire hoses. 42-7

North Carolina at NC State: After last year's embarrassment at home (35-7) the Hells are looking a little payback, and they got the team to do it. State has been hurt this year by injuries (Matt Dayes) and ejections (as in get off campus and stay off campus) Shadrach Thornton. Carolina's defense has shown more improvement than CW's waistline this year and their offense is efficient and potent (much like my wedding tackle). With much sadness I predict a Tar Heel victory 35-28

VPI at Virginia: You know you're an old bastard when you still call Va. Tech VPI (guilty as charged). This will be a tough day in for Wahooligans everywhere I'm afraid. Beamer's last game against a Virginia team that's just finishing up #1 their fourth straight losing season #2 Mike London's coaching career...well things ain't looking good in Charlottesville. Tech 24-17

Florida State at Florida: Flawda State is a young team and Jimbo Fisher ain't done a bad job this year even though two losses are unusual for the 'Noles. Down in Gainesville first year Florida head coach Jim McElwain (home to the hottest coeds in the a mile) has gotten the Gators back in their comfort zone having lost only once this year. But Florida had to suspend their outstanding QB Will Grier for getting high and trying to bang every last coed on campus (a noble pursuit but inconsistent with team rules), but then again FSU is highly suspect on the road. I don't this one a toss up.  FSU is a 2.5 point favorite, to which I say bull-fuqing-shit! 0-0

Oklahoma at Ok State: Oklahoma
Notre Dame at Stanford: Notre Dame
Ole Miss at Miss State: Ole Miss
UCLA at USC: who gives a shit?
Wisconsin at Mini-soda: Mini-soda
Alabama at Auburn: take a wild guess
Georgia at Ga. Tech: Ga. Tech
Ohio State at Michigan: Big Blue
Indiana at Purdue: I'd rather watch midget wrestling
Iowa at Nebraska: I predict Iowa 28-20

Well that's it, now go clean the garage like the old lady said!


TigerHawk said...

That was some sharp, er, predicting on the Iowa-Nebraska game!

Anonymous said...

27-2. Go NOLES! and our girls at hotter.

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