Thursday, November 5, 2015

One for the Bucket List: Testifying Before the Senate Armed Services Committee

I spent 90 minutes or so this morning testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee on the Roles and Missions of the Armed Services.  The video is at this link.  I recommend watching the whole thing (there's about 30 minutes of dead air to start), but if you simply want to see how I may have beclowned myself, I can be seen:

36:40—Opening statement


A couple of thoughts.  First,if you are a red-blooded American patriot, going before Congress is one of the all time great honors.  I've done it now less than a half dozen times (this was the first Senate appearance), and all I can tell you is that I am proud of the process, I am proud of the preparation, and I am proud of the people who I sat before--good Americans trying hard to figure out how best to keep the nation safe.

Second:  Watch Tom Cotton, junior R Senator from Arkansas.  The dude is just flat out sharp.  Wicket smaht, a little Abe Lincolnish.

Third:   I have to imagine that testifying under more critical conditions (see Clinton, H--Benghazi) is a hell of a lot tougher.


Mom & Dad said...

Excellent report! We are very proud of you - AGAIN!

moondog said...

Really nice job Bryan. Proud to know you! I like the gold tie. Your conservative wahooish good looks are enchanting. My only advice is to loosen up a bit. You seemed very purposeful and serious. Nothing wrong with that but recognize the broader audience. All this in IMHO. You rocked it. Very many congrats.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Very kind...thank you. And excellent advice.

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