Friday, February 24, 2017

I Have a Theory

If you know me and have listened to my BS for five minutes, you know I have certain life theories. To name but a few; never EVER have sex on a motorcycle (moving or otherwise), never sneak a peek into the kitchen of a Chinese takeaway, UFOs are real and aliens walk among us (not just Mexkins) and a good few of our Republicans (for some perverse reason) enjoy calling themselves conservative when they have more in common with Nancy Pelosi.

An excellent example is our own Cryin' Johnny Boner (fake conservative not space alien, although that's possible). The original politician du orange assures us Obamacare ain't going nowhere, it just needs a few tweaks he sobbed. This is I think, not so coincidentally the same message our Soros funded rent-a-mobs are expressing at Republican town halls across the country. Maybe our chain-smoking, crying drunk of an ex-Speaker knows something we don't. After all he has his handpicked boy running the show (a worshiper at the alter of Kemp, another "conservative"). So if he indeed is right, after all the struggling we real conservatives did, after all the lies we were told by BOTH parties, Boner will have played a major role in the destruction of the Republican Party as we know it. Some legacy he'll have.

Plus his legacy will be ours. Make no mistake, if we blow this chance there will be no rebuilding of anything. And just to be clear, that is the theory isn't it, to quietly work with the Democrats to undermine Trump's presidency and then when The Donald crashes and burns pick up the pieces and rebuild IN OUR OWN MODERATE IMAGE?

Attention #nevertrumpers, those of you who ARE NOT liberals in conservative guise, I say this as a friend and with all humility (well as much as I can muster anyway) STOP the fantasies. Never gonna happen. You saw what Trump can do. He brought out blue-collar voters like no one since the beloved (God rest his sainted soul) Ronald Reagan. If anything is certain in this life it's that moderate Republicans cannot beat a Democrat. So what on Earth would make you believe you can piss-off MOST of your base and win anything ever again? Leave the Bill Kristols behind. They are not our friends. Their agenda is not ours.

Take a look at CPAC. Hear the message. Trump is NOT our enemy. Indeed at this point he is our only hope and the facts bear me out. So far DJT has conducted the affairs of the Executive in a straightforward, conservative fashion. He is returning to federalism. He is cutting spending ($12 billion this month alone). He is focused on our security and jobs. His cabinet rates a 90+ percent from CPAC-ACU. He has nominated a SCOTUS replacement for Scalia just as brilliant and just as conservative. There is NOTHING Trump has done that would give a true conservative apprehension or pause. Even CW said he would happily work with Trump in whatever capacity the administration saw fit (I hear there's an opening for a defense attache in Port Moresby). So let's all get on board, set our hurt feelings and old grudges aside and take the fight to the REAL enemy! We've got a lot of work to do and we need everybody in the game if we're to win, and that ain't no theory.

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