Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Elites Strikes Back

The Donald is running up against the stark reality that is Washington, DC. It's never a good idea to piss off too many people at one time, but those were the circumstances of his election. He threw down the challenge and squared off with the cesspool of American politics, and now he's gonna have to back it up. If Trump HAD NOT gone after the elites, had he run a traditional campaign, is there any doubt we would have HRC as out President?

We all know no one ever gives up power willingly and certainly not the globalist elite. Plus it's not even a power thing, it's a defense thing. Fear is the primary motivator. Right now just about every political faction, group and entity inside the insulated confines of our nation's Capital (and the world) hates and FEARS Donald Trump. They see his success as their vulnerability. They are well aware half this country would see them in hell given the chance, and they are running scared. Hence the lies...the lies.

I don't want to get all PBS on you, but The Donald reminds me a lot of Julius Caesar. Just like Caesar, Trump has the love of the people to the detestation of the elites. I think we all remember how that turned out for old JC. But chew on this my Beltway buddies, Julius Caesar was murdered in 44 BC. Less than two years later all the main conspirators, Cicero, Cassius and Brutus were dead as hell and Caesar's adopted son was Emperor...for over 40 years. Think Augustus got some payback maybe?

The forces of history demand a Donald Trump. If not him then somebody else. Our current "system" of ignoring the will of the people, the Constitution and our laws is untenable, and 'we the people' are on the case. So do your best GOPe and leftists of this variety or that. The only question remaining is what price you will eventually pay for the mischief you create now. It's just a matter of time.

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