Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The War Rages

What a three weeks huh? I hope you're all doing well, but I'm curious, how would you describe your political mood these days? Shock, dismay, disgust, outrage or optimistic and encouraged... what exactly? I'm VERY optimistic but also a little outraged, but only just a little. My outrage is directed at the Democrats of course and even more their lapdog Republicans. The left is still in the midst of their Soros funded national hissy fit and my guess is it won't subside for at least another six months or so, but it eventually will. They needed just one more election to solidify their gains to the point of no return and they can't believe they got THIS CLOSE! The pain (and panic) is almost overwhelming. From the conservative perspective the great philosophers tell us now is the time to harass our enemies, keep them agitated, angry and distracted. I think Trump is following this tried and true stratagem to a tee, but not so our Congressional leaders. I wonder why? The answer is they are part of our lapdog problem.

Did you see that the judge in Washington state who stayed Trump's immigration restrictions is a Bush appointee? Of course you did, the press screamed it from the heavens. You may not recall his name but I guarantee MOST of you know he was a Bush appointee. The media wants you thinking this man is a completely dispassionate jurist with absolutely no political ax to grind. Of course nothing could be further from the truth. This chuckle-head was a Patty Murray gift appointee by GWB and as SJW as they come. Ordinarily I would say something like how many times does it take for us to learn(?), but Trump's accession has shown us we aren't 'us' anymore, in fact never were. Half of 'us' have proven to be 'them'. Tell me, have you seen our Congressional leaders come forth defending the President? Neither have I. Mitch 'the Bitch' McConnell said just the other day (I paraphrase) "Hey man, I don't even know the guy ok? What he does is his bidnez, I'm just trying to run a Senate here'. To which Chuck Schumer replied "Thanks bro".

I keep telling myself Reagan ran into the same establishment crap but that's not really true. Yes indeed Reagan was hated by the Rockefeller wing of the party. Yes they tried to undermine him and yes they sometimes colluded with the Democrats to derail his agenda. That's all true. But it's a different world now. There can be policy differences and there always are. You may be opposed to this and I may be opposed to that. Thoughtful disagreement is understood, we all accept that. But what I'm seeing is not thoughtful, respectful or reasonable disagreement. This is not about policy, this is about expunging "the other".

For example the media doesn't even bother to deny their bias, in fact they write stories defending it. Did I say bias? I meant their open hostility. According to the NY Times if we support real border security we are xenophobic white nationalists no better than NAZIs. If we want to repeal Obamacare we are engaging in genocide against the poor and needy. If we oppose the wanton slaughter of the unborn we are no better than the Taliban wishing to brutally subjugate women. If we think denying grown men, with intact male genitalia, the 'right' to choose whatever bathroom suits their whim, then we are homophobic bigots. The advancement of these kinds of narratives are not designed to persuade, but to immediately intimidate and ultimately destroy.

This is the world we live in as created by progressives and their browbeaten, Stockholm Syndrome suffering GOPe chumps. It is not THEIR world however. Their world is different. In establishment-world they have the master key to all the locks, the teacher's edition textbook and a backstage pass to everything under the sun. They and only they are in control and they and only they dole out the goodies. They manipulate, lie, cheat and steal with impunity. They are a shadow system of parasites controlling our society like a 50's alien body-snatcher sci-fi-film. The law, the Constitution, everything our founders tried to create is just a show, the 'public face' of our democratic republic which every insider knows is total bullshit. For the chosen rules don't apply. The admission ticket to their world is money, power and loyalty. Not everybody gets in and the most dangerous (and pathetic) among us are the aspirants. But if one does manage acceptance, they are henceforth deemed made-men (in the mafia sense) and that's that. Members never want for anything...ever. Once in, to be ejected one must do something extraordinarily bad. The reality is what we have witnessed for the past 18 months is the black-balling of a member, Donald Trump. Take a wild guess as to what his transgression might be.

I say this here and now, regardless of how successful Trump's Presidency may be, he is an enemy of the powers-that-be and they will not rest until he is destroyed. This is war and there can be only one winner, the American Republic or the elites who control it. It is literally us vs. them.  I do not wish to be overly dramatic but we must all choose a side. We stand with either those who believe in freedom and democracy or those who wish to live off the facade of freedom and democracy to keep us forever divided, afraid and dispossessed. Look around you. Look at what they've done to us. Look at how they've treated us. Look at how they live and how they demand we live. Now is the time, you're either in or out, for us or against us. There is no middle ground.

“Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.”  Frédéric Bastiat


"The Hammer" said...

Mudge said...

Awesome post, Hammer. Have you considered national syndication? Might need to run your posts through a potty-mouth checker first but I know your writings would resonate with a lot of Americans. They certainly do with this American.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

No small measure of irony in a post in which the words "thoughtful, respectful or reasonable disagreement" are written by you, in support of Donald Trump.

"The Hammer" said...

Thanks Mudge, but I'm an amateur at best.

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