Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dana Milbank Wonders Why The Left Is So Vitriolic

There, I did it again, I went and read another one of Dana Milbank's columns. In it, he treats us to the remarkable finding that the choler and vitriol extended to his columns is even stronger from the left than from the right. And he simply can't figure out why. Perhaps I'll help.

When your ENTIRE political ideology revolves around what you "feel" and around "the politics of meaning" and what is "fair", your reaction to the rough and tumble of actual politics is bound to be emotional. Tip O'Neil once told us that "all politics is local", but he was wrong, at least for liberals. For them, all politics is personal.

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PW said...

That was a great little experiment and op ed. Dana nicely illustrates a lot of the emotion both sides still have invested in the election and its aftermath and interestingly points out that the "victors" seem most emotional and punitive. It was an interesting experiment that did not cloak itself in flawed scientific method like most WP op eds.

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