Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fox Network Will Not Carry Obama's Next News Conference

The Fox Network has announced that it will not carry the President's news conference Wednesday night, instead urging viewers to catch the President on FOX News. This seems like a sensible business decision to me. The President is already ridiculously overexposed, and giving up an hour plus in prime time yet again for what is likely to be a ratings snoozer simply doesn't appeal to FOX execs.

Now of course, this will be put forward by Fox's detractors as a sign of its continuing alliance with the Republican Party. But Fox News was created in order to focus on....well....news. If the entertainment network is to make money, it needs to provide entertainment. That said, I do wish it had been NBC who made the first move on this one....


Mudge said...

Just like a ships internal announcing system ("1MC")...use it too much and the crew stops listening to it.

Smoothfur said...

The only difference between President Obama's press conferences and the 1MC is that when the 1MC announces "Now Hear This", it is usually followed by something of substance.

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