Friday, April 17, 2009

Special Announcement!

I'm pleased to announce the addition of two occasional contributors to the site...both should be well known to those of you who stop by regularly. Mudge and Sally have both agreed to pitch in when they feel they have something to say, and you already know that Goldwater's Ghost has that privilege.

I think that the addition of new voices will signficantly strenghthen the blog, especially when I find myself distracted with other pursuits.

Today's mention in the Weekly Standard and the very positive feedback I get from the politically active crowd in and around DC make me very proud of our little effort, and the great people who add their comments.

Mudge, Sally, GG--welcome to the team. And no, I'm not sharing the Google revenue.


Sally said...

Does that mean I should no longer feel obligated to click on such tempting ads as 'Jesus Hope Shirts for $26.00' ?

The Conservative Wahoo said...

No please, keep clicking.

Mudge said...

I don't recall agreeing to that in our discussions. Have you thought of selling used cars?

Sally said...

Mudge, we don't need this guy, we can start our own blog and keep all that money ourselves! Jesus Hope shirts for everyone!

Smoothfur said...

What good are the "Jesus Hope Shirts" without the Obama change to accompany them? Remember it was "Hope and change" that swung the deal.

carqdf said...

If it wasn't for the ads, I wouldn't know about the Harlem Republicans blog.

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