Sunday, April 19, 2009

Site Stats

Well ladies and gentlemen, we just went over our 10,000th visitor to the site, which means 33 new and different people a day have tuned in since we began to see what we have to offer.

Those visitors have come from all 50 states and 96 foreign countries.

With the addition of Goldwater's Ghost, Mudge and Sally to the stable of conservative thinkers here, we're poised to take the blog to the next level.


Mudge said...

I'm not writing one word until we renegotiate the cut. You didn't get to 10K until you announced the three of us. Coincidence? I think not. (I had a teacher accuse me once of "thinking not"). Sally and GG - if that Employees Free Choice Act passes, let's form a bloggers' union and go on strike against unfair profit sharing. Sure, we didn't do a darned thing to help set up the blog, nor to raise its readership to a point where 10K was pretty much a done deal, but none of that matters. We are entitled.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, the largest obstacle to my participating a little more here is the fact that NMCI does not allow anything with 'blog' in the URL. So I blame the Navy for my once in a blue moon posts.

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