Monday, May 21, 2012

$10K in May--The Case for Donation

Folks, we've got a little over a week left in the month of May, and the $10,000 mark looms large.  I've spent quite a bit of time on this blog trying to build a case for you to vote for Mitt Romney, but to some extent, I was preaching to the choir.  Whether you were for him in the primaries or not, most regular readers of this blog have arrived at the point of supporting the presumptive Republican nominee, if for no other reason than to correct the mistake America made in 2008 and replace Barack Obama.

What I haven't done much of is to make the case for why you should give money to that effort.  I'll take a stab at that today.

I write today in order to reach the average American--if there is such a thing.  While I would be thrilled if this solicitation resulted in $50K donations to the RNC, that's not what I'm trying to do, and those are not the people I'm trying to reach.  I'm trying to reach Americans who at a very elemental level, perceive that something has gone wrong with our country, that we have become a society of those who take more than they give, that we are rapidly becoming just another nation on the international scene, and that the longer Barack Obama remains President, the more we begin to look like a failing European nation.

The people I am writing to today understand that we are on a path to providing our children a world in which living a better life than we have, is--for the first time in American history--in jeopardy.  I am trying to reach those people who teach their children the virtues of self-reliance, determination, and reasonable ambition; who tell their children that they CAN succeed, not that their success is a right, or an entitlement.  I am writing to people who see gasoline prices straining their budgets while vast reserves of energy go untapped in this country.  I am writing to people who believe that what they earn is theirs, not what the state allows them to keep.  I am writing to people who believe that the answer to runaway healthcare costs is not socialism, but more freedom--freedom to buy insurance on a truly open market, where providers compete for business.  I am writing to people who want to live in a society in which the needy are provided for, but who don't believe that one's age is the primary determinant in the loot one receives from the government.

I am writing to ask a small donation of people who don't believe that it is their responsibility to pay for the birth control of others, and who believe that being told to do so by the government is overreach.  I am writing to those who value economic mobility, who dream of a better financial condition and are working to bring it about in their own lives.  I am writing to those who do not look to the federal government to pay their mortgage, educate their children, keep them well, or subsidize their vehicles.

I am writing to all of these kinds of people---because their opposites--those who believe in an enhanced welfare state, those who believe in hand-outs to green energy cronies of the President, those who feel it in their hearts that healthcare should be provided by the government--these people are funding the re-election effort of the President.  Yes, George Clooney and his pals put $15M in the President's account last week--but a huge number of contributions are coming into the best financed campaign in history from ordinary citizens with a skewed view of the role of government in their lives, and ours. 

We need to meet these people head on.  We need to create an army of individuals who say to the prospect of continuing decline..."Not in my lifetime".  One by one, readers of this blog, their families, their friends, their co-workers--people who see in the path we are taking not the continuation of the American dream but its truncation---need to come together and use the power of the free market to help bring about their desires.  Yes--the best argument to contribute to Mitt Romney for President is the free market argument.  Indicate your preference with your money, the more money Romney raises, the more he can contest the other side--who is likely to raise $1B this cycle. 

Click this link and use the free market to bring about the end of the Obama Presidency.  We have the chance to do what this country did in 1980--and that is, put an end to the decline.  It is up to us.


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