Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ready For Your Lesson?

Too young to remember Bull Connor? Not that clear on "The Letter From Birmingham Jail"? Thought fire hoses were just for fighting fires? Not to worry, your DNC approved lesson will begin shortly.

You see, our first "affirmative action" President wants you to know all about the Civil Rights Movement™. Affirmative action President? Why Hammer, you genocidal racist redneck cracker! Our President won the office fair and square, there was no favoritism, he was elected by a majority of the people in a free and open election. Au contraire mon frere (ou sœur). Our President was not vetted, in fact every effort was made by the main stream media and other interested parties to hide Mr. Obama's background, views and associations. When Bill Clinton made a completely appropriated and legitimate suggestion that we should all take a closer look at the Boy Wonder, the race card came out faster than a bottle of Absolut at a Lindsay Lohan "get out of jail" party. So I can only conclude that while our first black President may have won the election, he was given special treatment not afforded to his non-minority competition, and that dear friends is the very definition of "affirmative action".

Now, that's how he got here, how is he going to stay? Several ways, but certainly an important facet of Team Obama's overall stratagem is "racial justice". The narrative that America is still basically a racist society must be made clear. Voters, especially young minority voters must be taught about the struggle and its heroes (including the more violent, morally ambiguous figures like H. Rap Brown, Eldridge Cleaver and Stokely Carmichael). Minorities must be made to feel helpless and outraged...and consequently motivated. The choice has to be seen as a crossroads between regression and Bull Connor's America, or progression and Barack Obama's vision for the future.

So get ready. Until election day we will be given steady reminders (sometimes subtle, sometimes overt) of past civil rights struggles complete with antagonists (white America) and protagonists (black America). Outrage and guilt will be the order of the day. Who cares if the result is division and violence? So what if a few buildings get burned down and a few people die? The left has too much invested in this President to see him go down as a failed one-termer. The race card must be played early and often because what's good for Obama and the Democrats, is good for America.  


Anonymous said...

Waiting for the doomsday scenario of rioting in the streets if Obama loses.

Mudge said...

Rioting in the streets we can survive. Four more years with no more elections is the real doomsday scenario.

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