Friday, May 25, 2012

Big Fat Friday Free For All

Hey folks--what has you down?  Anything you want to complain about?  Well, I've got something.  We're still a long way from $10K in May!--how about clicking this link and chipping in to the candidacy of the man who will send the Obama family packing? 


"The Hammer" said...

Sometimes even the Democrats surprise me. The latest is this "analysis" of government spending by a guy named Rex Nutting over at the WSJ's Marketwatch (

Now I've never heard of this dude but I wish he would lay off the hallucinogens. To say his conclusions are flawed would the understatement of the year. Compared to this guy the CBS/NY Times polls are masterpieces of methodology. Coulter has, as usual, a pretty good column laying it out.

My conclusion is this: The more desperate they get the worse it will get. Obviously the Democrats internal polling (as opposed to all the phony polls) shows they are in deep trouble. Their ginned-up "War on Women" bullshit has backfired, half the Catholic organizations in the country are suing Obama's ass (not that you would know it from the MSM reportage) and the economy is still! The Republicans are running very effective ads featuring (wait for it) Barack Obama! All they need do is quote the guy and he buries himself. His attacks on Romney and investment firms are only effective with socialists and even most Democrats are cringing. There's talk of dumping Biden for Hilary.

If I were a Democrat I'd be desperate too.

Tom de Plume said...

When New Jersey schoolchildren were led in songs of praise to out Dear Leader a few years back, the leftists accused Americans of overreacting.

This week we got to see a school teacher in North Carolina browbeat a student who dared to challenge her on the facts regarding her Messiah. I don't know what is more disturbing, the partisan agenda this witch is pushing, or the total stupidity of this "professional'" who can't even conjugate the verb "to be" correctly.

WTF?! said...

So much wrong with this "article," but this:

"universal preschool would create many new jobs for early education teachers and teachers' aides. Those jobs might be especially attractive to low-income, single women, who raise some of the most vulnerable children"

after this:

"In Finland, the government maintains a high-quality, universal public preschool program, and parents can drop their babies and toddlers off at 24-hour, government-run day care centers, where at least one of every three staff members is required to hold a college degree."

but back to the first statement quote...and why they think anyone in his right mind would want such women, (as if I must say this) who in most cases because of a poor grasp of what is necessary to succeed in life, taking care of his pre-K children

"The Hammer" said...

Oh my. CW's favorite "conservative" has left the building.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Back in the fold, you mean.

Tom de plume said...

I believe the "low-income, single (woman)" cited in WTF's posted piece is the same one mentioned in my piece.

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