Saturday, May 19, 2012

Renovation Update--Goodbye Mud!

I once wrote a blogpost here that got me quite a bit of ribbing--mostly from Mudge if I remember correctly, in which I bitched mightily about the condition of our stone driveway, which long ago had lost most of its stones and had turned into either a dusty mess or a muddy mess, depending on which season we are in.  Made no sense to tackle the job while the renovation was underway, but we're done with the house now--and we've turned our attention to the yard.  Below is a photo of the new "pea-gravel" driveway, regraded and really looking good.  There are a few more photos here if you'd like to look.  We're almost there.....

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---ge said...

Congratulations but be careful about saying "Goodbye Mud." I was kind of using it.

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