Friday, May 11, 2012

Big Fat Friday Free For All

What has you down, friends?  Your five year old wants to stop breast-feeding and that makes you feel abandoned?  Got a Vice President who can't keep his mouth shut?  Are your (multiple) autobiographies providing ammunition for an opponent you're trying to smear?  Unburden yourselves!

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"The Hammer" said...

There was a piece in the Washington Compost yesterday about Mitt Romney supposedly beating up some "presumed" gay kid. The last I heard Romney didn't necessarily deny the incident but said that in his youth he did a lot of dumb things and he's sorry if anyone got hurt.

Now apart from the fact that this story dovetails nicely with the gay marriage debate our brave and courageous President now supports (the day after the NC referendum and the day before he plays the Hollywood sodomites for 15 mil), what in hell is the Post doing? Dredging up junior high dust ups and pranks? Good -ucking grief man, are they that desperate to position Romney as anti-gay? The answer of course is yes, yes indeed they are.

It's completely obvious the Obama strategy is to ignore working and middle class whites and go for minorities and special interest. They've obviously crunched the numbers and see this as the only strategy that can win. I tend to agree, but it's a dangerous way to go because it has to work perfectly. There's is no margin for error.

What does he have to do? First, Obama must get blacks to turn out in big numbers. Presently they're working the streets and churches under the radar. Soros has already chipped in with the so very important "walking around money" for this effort. I think he'll probably be successful.

Then Hispanics. This one will be tougher because construction and other jobs important for this bloc have been hit hard. Obama will have to gin up some controversy (already planned out I'd say) and make some big policy announcement like amnesty or something, in order to get them to the polls. I'd say this one will be either a wash or a slight advantage to Romney.

Next, the special interest groups like the gay and lezbo community. They are not so much an important voting bloc (unless you live in Chapel Hill) but their money is huge (gays love the word huge). Anyway, their money is extremely important hence the 15 big ones (gays love the phrase "big ones") Obama just pulled down from Hollywood.

Last but not least, the keystone...WOMEN. Obama has the welfare dependent skanks and the young/dumb airheads walking around campus with their young and perky....jeez, sorry...I got distracted...anyway uh the young women are Obama's. It's the working class women, the middle class women, the MARRIED women who have been killed by this economy. That is the key for Obama. If he can't get their vote, he is done, forgetabout it, good night Irene, we're out of here.

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