Thursday, May 17, 2012

Maryland Soaks the Not-So-Rich

Democratic darling, Chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, and Chief of Executive of the People's State of Maryland Martin O'Malley--along with his reliable cronies in the Maryland legislature--have out-Obama-ed Obama by passing legislation raising the state income tax (fourth highest in the country) on single taxpayers above the $100K level and families above the $150K level.  The increase is--wait---here it comes---"for the children" in order to protect "investments" in the State's education system.

The suggestion that there was nowhere else to go to get the money is simple lunacy--raising taxes was the easy, reliable, and genetically-mapped action of a single-party State.  The concept of cutting government and reducing or eliminating programs simply does not occur to this crowd.

No word yet on whether Maryland will change its state song from "Maryland, My Maryland" to "California Here I Come."


Ken Adams said...


So sorry for your loss. Maybe you should relocate to a state where the governor actually opposes tax increases.

Mudge said...

When the police and firemen come calling for donations, do what my mom does, she directs them to the Governor's office saying "Tell him I said it's okay to give you the $50 I would have given you if he hadn't taken it."

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