Saturday, June 16, 2012

Coordination and Corruption

Time Magazine hit the stands on Thursday with a cover highlighting young hispanics here illegally. They're Americans, just not "legal" Americans. On Friday the President made a major unilateral policy announcement that henceforth, under certain conditions, young hispanics will not be subject to American law when it comes to their immigration status. Hmmmmmm? Call me crazy, but does this at least have the appearance of a coordinated pincer attack on the American electorate? Does this not suggest collusion and coordination? Maybe I'm being paranoid, but this reeks of corruption.


Mudge said...

"Crazy" - no, there's no corruption going on here. In fact, for proof, you can look at pages 12-23 of the Media Annex of Chicago Guide to Democrat Tactics co-authored by Daley and Capone. Our honorable leader is just following well-established political doctrine. You really need to stop with your conspiracy theories. Barak Obama corrupt and in collusion with the MSM...good Lord, Hammer, where do you come up with your material?

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Hey Hammer--what's with all the font free-lancing?

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