Friday, June 8, 2012

The Day Obama Blinked

"The private sector is doing fine". This extraordinary statement may go down in history as the turning point of this campaign as well as the day Obama finally ruined himself. I really cannot imagine what is going through this man's head. 

But I can tell you this, I'm starting to get very nervous. Things are imploding for the Democrats and this is a very inexperienced individual who may not know how to handle the incredible pressure he is under. I just pray he doesn't do something stupid, and I am deadly serious when I say that.


Mudge said...

He's been doing something stupid for a good portion of his life. I couldn't give a damn about what he did stupid with his own life or his own community's life. But when he started trying to transform my country into his deeply flawed vision of social "fairness" (how do they get away with choosing words that have nothing to do with reality?) I give a big damn. If you are worried that he'll off himself, don't. Even he isn't big enough to kill off his impression of himself. It would never enter his narcissistic psyche to harm the self-imagined savior of mankind.

Sally said...

I fear the same thing Hammer. I'm reminded of that Vince Flynn novel where the president is double digits behind in the polls two weeks before the election, and an attack on the motorcade is staged which sweeps the weak president back into office on a sympathy vote.

And Mudge is right, there's no way someone with O's ego could conceive of denying the world his greatness.

"The Hammer" said...

"The Hammer" said...

I'm not worried Obama is suicidal I'm worried about the country. I'm worried about a wag the dog scenario. I'm worried about him going into Syria. I'm worried about desperate people doing insane things. I'm worried about the amateurism displayed by this administration and the geo-political implications of a brain-dead President and people like Putin trying to take advantage. I'm worried about leaking highly classified, super secret intelligence operation to the NY Times.

If Obama wants to off himself that's his bidnez but that ain't what I'm talking about.

Mudge said...

I was a bit surprised you might worry about his well-being in his own hands. But we've been at risk of all of the actions you mentioned (and some of already occurred) all along--except maybe invading Syria--more likely he would invade Israel given his druthers. Either way though, you are right. He'll take the US over a cliff if he has to in an effort to ensure the world still has him as its 'leader.'

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