Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fortune's Fool

Fortune plays a role in everyone's life. Poets and philosophers have written about it and history has turned on nothing more than the luck of the draw. Now I've always believed that one makes his own luck, at least in the long run. And there's truth in that, but it's not the whole truth. Fate can be cruel, it can be deadly and it can be instantaneous. Obama used to be lucky, but no more.

Don't misunderstand, our President has only himself to blame for much of the trouble he is in. He doesn't have the experience, the skills, the requisite knowledge, the temperament or frankly the intelligence for the most demanding job in the world. He outsourced all his legislative accomplishments to Pelosi and Reid (he hates smoozing Congressmen), he's appointed "czars" in this area or that, to do the job of the executive. And frankly, I think he feels he is too big for the job (that's one of the pitfalls of narcissism, when you believe your own BS it's easy enough to get others to buy in, but when they finally open their eyes all that's left is you and your ego). The fact is, he is the wrong man at the wrong time, and that's most of his (and our) problem. But again, that's not the whole story.

Obama used to be lucky; lucky in his opponents, lucky in the times and lucky in the mood of the country. But now the worm has turned. His opposition is competent, accomplished and energized. Romney looks presidential and is well suited to the position. The economy is terrible and the blame game is old and tired. The mood of the productive elements of the country (and those who desire to be productive) is bitter and they feel manipulated and abused. In Wisconsin the Republican Governor faces a recall election and win or lose, the public unions with their obstinacy and greed are on full display. Europe is coming apart at the seams as a result of the very policies Obama advocates. California is showing us the American version of a fool's paradise. In my state, the site of the Democratic convention, a very senior member of the NCDP is accused of sexual harassment (male on male) after infecting his live-in girlfriend with HIV. And then there's John Edwards; 'nuff said. Not a week goes by that some Democrat doesn't say something or do something stupid that dominates the news cycle for days on end.

I said three years ago that Obama would lose re-election by a landslide. I'm not that smart, maybe I'm just lucky.


Mudge said...

Count me in for landslide.

Fortune, or luck, is the intersection of preparation and opportunity.

Eight years of media pounding on Bush helped provide Obama the opportunity. But he had almost zero preparation. Oh, he had tickets punched but unlike (or like, I can't recall) the Florida ballots with hanging chads, Obama's tickets didn't count for much when it came to filling the shoes of real presidents (as those who voted for him without taking a moment to investigate his qualifications, or his intentions, have now learned).

You are right that you make your own luck and I think Obama's ran out a while ago...he should be thanking the Constitution that he finds so bothersome that he wasn't dragged out of the White House and kicked to the curb of Pennsylvania Avenue within the first months of his Administration.

Anyway, I feel a landslide coming for all the reasons you stated and more. The most basic reason being Americans are fed up and despite the media doing their level best to obscure, obfuscate and outright omit the facts about this guy, they've seen enough without the media. He's got an agenda for this nation that is utterly inconsistent with common people, their common sense and especially their sense of what America is.

Anonymous said...

You can even see the tide turning (albeit slowly) in the MSM. On today's "Meet the Press," David Gregory was pit-bullish on not letting Gov. Deval Patrick off the hook, as Patrick and Ohio Gov. John Kasich squared off. On Thursday, GMA's George "Left of Nopolos" was very critical of the economy and poor job market, and came as close as he could to blaming the President, without losing his press pass.
"Press Pass", by the way, is a world class redundancy when it comes to media coverage of Obama.

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