Monday, June 4, 2012

We Need MORE Unemployment, More Foreclosures & More Poverty

Ok before you start, I need to qualify my assertion. We do need more unemployment, in the public sector. A large chunk of Obama's stimulus went to state and local governments to prevent massive layoffs. We need less government not more, and that means layoffs, cutbacks and a total overhaul of the civil service system. When bus drivers make north of 100k a year, it's time we reevaluate.

We need more foreclosures, and the sooner the better. We have a housing crisis therefore a building crisis therefore a banking crisis therefore an unemployment crisis. If you can't make the payments on your $400,000 Fanny or Freddie backed McMansion with that Wendy's gig, then get the hell out! I'm sure there's a wonderful bridge you and the fam can live under, but the free ride is over. Hit the road.

We need more poverty. Most American welfare recipients live better than middle-class Europeans, and certainly better than 99% of the World. Plus, they do nothing to earn their relatively opulent lifestyle. They are the real 1%'ers. The thing is, we don't have the money to support them. And besides, poverty is their friend, they just haven't been exposed to the wonderful, stimulating, educational and motivating effects of hunger. It's time our gummi-bear eating, 42" Plasma HDTV watching, taxpayer funded couch potatoes got a reality check instead of a welfare check.

So, there you have it, one man's opinion. You may now talk among yourselves.

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