Sunday, June 17, 2012

Takes One to Know One!

This is Neil Munro of the Daily Caller. He shouted out a question to President Obama thereby inciting much criticism, mostly in the "conservative disrespecting a black President" vein. Munro claims he thought the President was finished when he asked the question.

This is the National Mall after President's Obama's Inauguration.  

This is the Wisconsin State House under occupation by unions last year. Reportedly millions of dollars worth of damage was done to this beautiful and historic building.

This is a bust of Rush Limbaugh unveiled recently in the Missouri State House. A 24 hour guard has been posted due to repeated threats of vandalism.
This is Reagan era White House Corespondent Sam Donaldson. Sam had a well deserved reputation for haranguing and harassing the President. He once asked Reagan after a press conference, in full view of the White House press corp (or is it corpse?) "Mr. President, have you seen the new study that most men sing in the shower but 20% play with themselves"? Reagan just shook his head. Donaldson went on to ask, "Do you know what they sing Mr. President"? Reagan smiled and indicated he did not. Donaldson replied "I didn't think so Mr. President". 

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