Thursday, June 14, 2012

Out of Touch, Out of Control and Out of His League

"The economy is doing great". Maybe in Martha's Vineyard, Manhattan or Malibu, but not in the real world. This is an email I got the other day from a lady who does some bookkeeping for me. Her husband is well educated... and unemployed. He does the occasional odd job. She is a smart, talented, hardworking individual and this is what her family has been reduced to.

I was wondering if we could meet tomorrow- anytime after 11am.  I know how busy you are but as you know (husband) is unemployed and we are desperately low on funds-  the power is off right now at our house and we are staying with friends but that gets old real fast with two young children...  If there is any way of meeting me tomorrow I would be eternally grateful- I hate to dump our problems on you but I'm guessing you can understand and I know you sympathize.  I can meet you anywhere if it would make it easier on you.  Just let me know...THANK YOU!!!!

I am beside myself with anger. This is the real economy; OBAMA'S ECONOMY. This God-Damned idiot has got to go!


The Conservative Wahoo said...

Hammer--I take a backseat to no one in my desire to see the President sent back to Chicago in January--but people lose jobs and face terrible personal financial adversity all the time. I genuinely feel sorry for your friends, and I know you do. But President Obama's departure should be hastened not because of their dire situation, but because he is taking the entire country in a terrible direction. Even good economies have individual cases where "stuff happens" and people find themselves with the short straw. Obama's danger is that all he is handing out are short straws.

"The Hammer" said...

All true CW. I was lashing out in anger. After I was medically restrained I feel much better.
Also, I would like to compliment our local EMS. Good job guys.

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