Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mamma Jamma Hamma College Football Review: Week 8

Week 8 was more about who lost than who won. Some pretenders where finally (and inevitably) shown the exit from the national picture most notably West Virginia. The Mountaineers went from being ranked #5 to "who cares" in two short weeks with their blowout lose to Kansas State 55-14 at home. I guess Gino Smith can kiss the Heisman goodbye (as if he had a hope in hell). My advise would be for West Virginia to stick to what they're good at like collecting junk in their front yard and banging their step-sister and/or step-mother.
The S.C. Gamecocks reverted to their traditional appellation Lamecocks due to an embarrassing lose in the Swamp to the Gators. The "Ole Ball Coach" Steve Spurrier reverted as well; he's back to being know simply as "asshole".
In other games Ohio State got lucky against Purdue and pulled one out, the Papist beat the Cultists in South Bend, Va. Tech continues their slide this time against the Clemson Tigers and LSU, 'Bama and Oregon just keep rollin' along.
The big game in my neck of the woods was of course Duke's surprising upset of the North Carolina Tar Heels. Even though Butch Davis was a dirty cheating bastard he did leave Coach Larry Fedora with some good talent at Carolina (they can't read or write but they're good football players). And it was a great game to watch. The Heels got lucky late in the game after recovering their own fumble for an easy touchdown and Duke drove the field with three minutes to go to get the win. Wallace Wade hasn't seen this much excitement since Christian Laettner used to show his girlfriend the big "D" on the 50 yard line (after hours of course).
In other second rate college football action the Wolfpack got lucky as hell at Byrd Stadium in College Park after Mary-Lands's freshman kicker hit the upright on a 33 yard field goal attempt. And the Virginia X are quite possibly the worst football team in the country losing again this time to Wake Forest at home. I'm thinking the X couldn't beat Hampden-Sydney or Randolph-Macon. They really stink and I say that with all honesty with no malice intended. I don't think poor CW will be betting any $75.00 steak dinners on this bunch of losers.
Oh well, that a wrap. See you next week.


The Conservative Wahoo said...

I'd make a bet, but you'd have to give me 3X the spread....

"The Hammer" said...

What, you want 75 points?

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