Tuesday, October 16, 2012

OK, Who Did It?

Who did it? Who sent the United States Ambassadress to the United Nations out on the Sunday talk show circuit to spread the lie that the Libyan consulate attack was the result of a YouTube video that no one had ever heard of? Who?
Here's the deal as I understand it. Our diplomats should be, for the most part, insulated from domestic politics. I know that's not always possible but regardless ambassadors should not be used as operatives in a political campaign, especially when they lie. Now I don't know who gave Rice the wrong information. I don't know if she knew it was the wrong information although considering the State Department knew the situation almost immediately it strains credulity to think otherwise. So who sent her out to do the campaign's bidding, Hillary Clinton? Possibly and if she did she should be fired immediately. But I suspect it was the White House. It seems unlikely to me the campaign would or could do an end run around the Secretary of State, but who knows? These people make their own rules. I just hope the topic comes up in tonights debate because the media has shown no interest.  

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Sally said...

Colonel Mustard...in the library...with a candlestick.

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