Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Love This Story

Take a look at this. It seems a fellow in Old Town Alexandria simply had enough of the snooty, glacial, know-it-all folks in the Alexandria planning bureaucracy, and he decided to rent space to a purveyor of marital aids. He did everything right. He went through the process. He hired the right people. He had multiple plans drawn up. But in the end, six years after beginning a process designed to upgrade the building he owned to accommodate his hunting and fishing business, Mr. Zarlenga was denied. Up yours he said...and he rented his space to the sex shop.

Oh my, cries the Mayor of Alexandria. We can't have businesses like this in our historic district! Well, there's no law yet that prohibits Zarlenga from doing what he's doing, and I applaud his creative thumb in the nanny states eye.


Mudge said...

I love it even more! I especially love the low GAS factor in his tone: "Actually, I was hoping for a fast-food chain because I thought that would be more annoying to the city." BTW,do you think the article's author accidentally omitted, "no pun intended" after writing "there's another property that is sure to create buzz in Old Town...".

Anonymous said...

'Marital aids,' Bryan?

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