Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The President's News Conference

Scroll down a bit to read the comments from tonight's live-blog of the President's news conference. I think he was better tonight than in the last one (shorter answers), but still too long.

We had an Anonymous (or Anonymi?) participating, which always makes it fun. I made a comment at one point that Obama was growing more human and beatable every day. This person cited Obama's poll numbers and indicated that I was misinformed, as I must have been following "Fox" polls. I did some looking, and found (non-Fox) polls that had George W Bush's popularity at this point in his first term HIGHER than President Obama's. I also found some polls that had Obama's slightly higher than Bush's.

But let's remember where each started, shall we? George Bush ascended to the Presidency after the most bitterly contested Presidential election in history. Barack Obama won a landslide. Yet they are now neck and neck (in comparison). Anyone who thinks these two months have been good ones for Barack Obama simply isn't paying close attention.


Anonymous said...

and you don't think this past election was bitterly contested? your previous blogs indicate otherwise.....

Mudge said...

bitterly on the left during the primaries maybe...but not even close to gore bush aftermath. sorry anon. cw's point stands.

Anonymous said...

You had it right last night. When liberals run out of cogent arguments, they invoke the name of the evil Fox news to make their point.

Anonymous said...

Contested the way the Bush-Gore results were Anon? Cut me a break.

I have to take Obama's grandmama's word for it that he was born in Kenya; wouldn't want to disrepect the fine woman.

I also have to accept the fact that Hussein was elected by those who feel that government owes them something. Not elected by those who are sandbagging their towns against the upcoming floods in the mid-west, but put into office by those types in New Orleans who behaved much differently prior to and following Katrina.

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