Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Obama Hangs Eastern Europe Out To Dry

President Obama has apparently made an overture to the Russians, and reports are that he's considering trading our missile defense systems in Eastern Europe for cooperation from the Russians on controlling Iranian nuclear and ballistic missile ambitions. How would you like to be our Ambassador in Poland this morning, when you find yourself summoned to the Head of State's office to explain just why it is he wasted all his domestic political capital in support of the US missile defense architecture, only to have the rug pulled out from under him by the new President? Perhaps our man in the Czech Republic will get a come-around also, wondering aloud why we'd coddle the Russians and play to the elites in Western Europe--you remember them--while the freedom loving people of Eastern Europe are cast adrift.

I realize that international relations is a reflection of national interest, and it is in our national interest for the Iranians not to have nuclear weapons. But have we decided all of a sudden that the Russians are the path to this goal? The world arms market is a veritable bazaar of destruction, and while the Russians are certainly influential, there are others who will step up in their place. Are we placing all our eggs in the Russian basket, potentially only to find that at some point we've alienated our emerging allies in Eastern Europe while Iran makes steady progress toward its own nuclear weapons?


..... said...

Surely he shouldn't be beholden to agreements made by a man he thinks is an idiot. Yes, WE gave our word to the Czech Republic and Poland, but they are minor players on the world stage. Theoretically, Russia has more sway and we need to be shrewd in promoting the ultimate goal of the protection of the homeland, regardless of how we accomplish it.

..... said...

Just in case you all think I've lost my mind. That was a sarcastic post.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

This is a foreign policy SCANDAL and I'm really surprised the national press hasn't picked up on it. Oh--I'm sorry. I forgot. They don't cover bad news anymore.

Doc Milnamo said...

The current administration has figured they've gotten the populace frightened about their economic future. Time to pull the presto-change-o on foreign policy because nobody will care.

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