Thursday, September 2, 2010

Before: Dissent = Patriotism. Now: Dissent = Racism

Our lefty overlords have decided to conspire in order to keep track of the perniciously racist Tea Party.  Not that the the NAACP is racist mind you; no, not them.  It's not like they "advocate" for the "advancement" of "colored" people or anything... 

Of course.  I get it.  Barack Obama is so intelligent, so persuasive, so inspired, so....well....right about everything.  The only POSSIBLE EXPLANATION for dissent is racism.  Not ideological disagreement on the proper role of government.  Not wariness over mounting debt.  Not concern over the decline in our relations with trusted allies (see Germany, UK, Japan)  while we apologize to people who wish us ill.  I remember on election night wondering to myself how I could be so incredibly out of touch, so spectacularly apart from the national pulse as to think the man we had just elected was unfit for the job and potentially damaging to the country's future.  Now I know.  I must be a racist.  There can be no other explanation.


"The Hammer" said...

I'm glad you finally have the self awareness to realize you are just another white genocidal racist cracker. NOW you can begin the healing process. May I suggest writing a big fat check to the DNC and or Code Pink.
Good luck my friend and hang in there. The journey will not be easy. Finally accepting blame for all that's wrong in the World can be terrifying but cleansing and purifying experience. In the end it'll be worth it.

Tom de Plume said...

Be it the Ground Zero Victory mosque, gay marriage, or Obama's popularity, when popular opinion is overwhelmingly against the left, their only defense is to claim bigotry. It's getting old.

Mudge said...
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Mudge said...

New from Demco!

The handy dandy Debator Mate (TM). Losing an argument on the merits? No problem, just open the Debator Mate's faux leather pouch, pull out the patented "-ist" suffix, attach it to an identifying feature of the nearest minority who agrees with you and hurl it at your opponent. Presto! You WIN! And it doesn't even have to have anything to do with the topic you were debating! It works every time. But wait, if you act now, we will include an additional Debator Mate for you to give away at your next Main Stream Media interview. Get one for all your comrades, but act soon, they're selling fast!

(Debator Mate is entirely global- warm-wind-powered. Shipping and handling subsidized by the Federal Government. No longer available in Hollywood, Washinton DC or any area with a major media outlet due to high demand)

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