Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tea Party Gets Another Skin

Looks like Lisa Murkowski has conceded to Joe Miller in Alaska, this even as the Republican Party establishment rushed its lawyers and toadies to the Great White North to "help" with the counting of absentee ballots. 

I now nothing about Joe Miller, though I will try to learn more in the near future.  That he defeated a machine politician whose seat was "given" to her by her Daddy is a matter of record.  That Sarah Palin had considerable influence in the outcome of this election seems likely too. 

It is time for the Republican Party to figure out how to work with the Tea Party. Rushing the legal thugs to Alaska bespeaks a certain cronyism and business as usual--and certainly doesn't appear to put out the welcome mat for the folks brought into the process through the work of this organic, political insurgency. 


Tom de Plume said...

When Republicans like Orrin Hatch start sounding like Barack Hussein on subjects like the Manhattan Victory mosque, they deserve to be booted out in the primaries

"The Hammer" said...

This as much as anything shows the schism within the party. If the Republicans have the kind of election everyone is predicting, the biggest loser won't be the Dems, it'll be the country club Republicans.

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