Friday, September 10, 2010

Big Fat Friday Free For All

Starting weight (8/25/10):  194
Goal Weight:  170
Last Friday:  190
Today's Weight 191

Still not quite used to the whole "eat less, exercise more" thing.  Exercised five times this week, but had three piggish meals.

What's on your minds, folks?  Beginning to measure the drapes for the Speaker's Office, Mr. Boehner?  Anyone else really, really pissed about America's fascination with the "underwater mortgage"?

Let it all hang out, friends.


"The Hammer" said...

CW for that weight problem, start smoking heavily. Not cigarettes, cigars. A good quality cigar will get you by. They'll get you by when your woman don't want to give it up. They'll get you by when you don't want to eat. They'll get you by when you don't want to drink. They'll get you by.

Now, on to this burning the Koran thing. To begin with this is all press generated. You've got some yahoo down in Gainesville, Flawda with a congregation of 50 souls. Who give a shit what they think or do? The story was obviously picked up as evidence of Islamophobia. It's like when that preacher out in Colorado molested some child, nobody ever heard of the guy but all of a sudden he represents all Christians in America. Point being, this is all press manipulation.
If I had my way, to commemorate 9/11, we would take the air space over Mecca (drones, F-22s, F-15s, helicopter gunships...make it like an airshow) for say 24 hours. Don't destroy anything, just hold a gun to their heads. As my Daddy used to say when we kids were whining (those depression dudes were tough bastards) "shut up or I'll give you something to whine about". Bingo, they want to bitch and complain? Let's give the ragheads something bitch and complain about.

"The Hammer" said...

Oh yeah, we could call it "Solidarity with Islam" day or some shit. The Saudis will go crazy of course but Hell, that's half the fun.

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