Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Sports Roundup

Ok folks, whaddayagot?


The Conservative Wahoo said...

I am not happy with the proliferation of lengthy dreds spilling out of helmets.

PK said...

I have a question about your UVA-VMI post. You described the first 22.5 minutes as being marred by "stupid plays, bad penalties and coaching mistakes." I'm wondering what a "coaching mistake" is, and how it is distinguished from player error (or whatever else) by those in the stands.

Serious question. I'm trying to learn.

Go 'Hoos.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Penalty against VMI while they were deep in their own zone--if we had declined it, they would have been third and 4 or 5. but we took the penalty, moved them back (but gave them more downs) and they got the first. Should have declined it.

Hayden Fox said...

Didn't see this game PK but coaches mistakes can be anything to calling the wrong plays to not getting the plays in quick enough to poor clock management, calling timeouts at the wrong time.

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