Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 4: Romney HQ Des Moines, IA

Day 4 brought more phone calls.  Once we finished going through the 2008 precinct leaders, we then attacked a database of folks who at some point indicated that they were supporting Mitt in 2008--that is, a less committed group than those who served last time as precinct leaders.

As an outside political animal, you get inundated with the same crap over and over again (from Iowans) about why it is so important that their state be first, how they do the rest of our work for us, how retail politics vets candidates, yada, yada, yada--that you forget that maybe not all Iowans feel that way.  Lots of hangups yesterday from folks who either A) don't support Mitt anymore or B) think its too early to call.  Then again, some folks were ready to have a little chat--and those chats turn out to be a lot of fun.

Had one yesterday with a man who said that he and his wife are trying to chose between Michelle Bachman and Mitt Romney--this interested me, as from where I sit, the two are fairly wide apart on the political scale.  "They both seem like good, honest people" was the answer.  Hmmmm....Ok.  In the grand scheme of that which someone might use to vet a candidate--goodness and honesty have to rank up there.

We hit Hooters for lunch, and I of course--had wings.  An observation, if  you'll allow?  Have Hooters Girls moved away from the horrible orange shorts, the oppressive hose, and the little cut t-shirts?  Because what I was confronted with yesterday was some kind of a mix between a Victoria's Secret show and the Texas Chain Saw Massacre.  No two dressed alike, and all looked like they were appearing in 1986 Madonna videos.  Has there been a change of corporate policy?  Was I consulted?  Not that I'm complaining, of course.

Both Phil and Chris are off to do personal things today, so I decided to end my volunteer week in Iowa at the end of the day yesterday.  It was a great experience, and I'm glad I did it.  What it takes to elect someone President is HUGE, and looking at it from under the iceberg is a whole new perspective.  I'm looking forward to seeing what I can help whip up in Talbot County, MD when I get home.

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NavyAustin said...

re: Hooters lack of uniformity - Casual Friday?

Like how the formula has been replicated and improved upon at Bone Daddy's bbq (black shorts and tankinis) and the Tilted Kilt (plaid skirts and tied up white shirts). The orange shorts, hose and t-shirts had a little too much stuck in 1981 feel, ala Olivia Newton John.

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