Monday, August 8, 2011

Hil-la-ry! Hil-la-ry! Hil-la-ry

Ross Douthat's blog has a nice bit today on bitter Democrats who now wish that Hillary Clinton had won the nomination.  With the stock market tanking (again), unemployment stubbornly hanging about 9%, and debt for as far as the eye can see--Hillary's looking good again to a lot of disenchanted Dems. 

Well,  there's no way Hillary would have governed to the left of Mr. Obama--so THE MOST disenchanted Democrats--the far left--would hardly be in a better position had she won the nomination.

But my oh my, how sweet it would be if she jumped ship and mounted a primary challenge.  You know Bill's in the living room yelling "run baby, run!"  He'd LOVE another four years in the White House, even if it were as "First Gentleman".  The more Mr. Obama's presidency struggles, the more likely she is to consider a challenge.  She could wrap herself in patriotism and party, and she could win (the nomination).

Oh how wonderful that would be....

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"The Hammer" said...

Sounds good to me. Compared to Obama, Hillary is Caesar Augustus.

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