Friday, September 2, 2011

Big Fat Friday Free For All

What's on you minds, folks?  A little pissed that your big speech had to be moved a day?  Hoping your team doesn't lose its opener to a cross-state neighbor?  Lamenting the end of summer?  Well, pull up a chair and share!  Now's your chance to bitch, bitch, bitch!


Tom de Plume said...

"Sen. Joe Lieberman, the independent Connecticut chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, said Thursday that the Obama administration has refused to use the term “violent Islamist extremism,” arguing that the White House’s overly cautious word parsing constitutes a refusal to ”speak honestly.”"

Why do I get the feeling that one will walk away from Obama's upcoming speech on 9/11 with the notion that an earthquake, and not Islamic extremists, was responsible for the fall of the towers?

"The Hammer" said...

Everybody knows Obama is going to run a slash and burn campaign, he has no other option. Now the obvious "go to" issue for the Dems is race. The Tea Party is racist, all Republicans are Tea Party racists etc. By all accounts you can't even have a decent anti-tax rally these days without a contingent of leftists showing up with racist signs, so their strategy is no secret.

But I am intrigued by their decision to attack religion. There's been a few articles about Bachmann and Perry belonging to some secret Christian fundamentalist cult. This may sound crazy but to our Jewish friends this is scary. And as I've noted before, Jews give 25% of all political contributions so if one wants to shake that money tree, one best have an issue.

Hope and Change to Fear and Loathing, we'll see if it works.

Beyond Bibb's Store said...

Well, we've moved a complete high school this week. It's been a bear, but by no means the most difficult rigging down, rigging up in which I have participated.

I have decided the world is divided into two camps: the "Yeah, stuff will show up eventually" bunch and the "Oh my God! Oh my God! Where are my flipping white board markers" people. Neither understands, nor frankly mixes well with the other crowd. For what it's worth, I'm in the first group of conceptual, non-linear thinkers, and not the anal, OCD process oriented detailers.

Having said all this, the move has gone remarkably well given the stress and occasional confusion involved. We won't know for some time whether the abandoned schools are a total loss or repairable. I've been inside one and have my own opinion but will leave the final judgement to the engineers and insurance weenies.

Time to turn to football. Yes Chokie fans; we know the Hoos will struggle this year. Yes, we know a .500 season may be a stretch, but what kind of fans would we be if we bailed out on our alma mater (don't say it, Hammer)? London has put together back to back top ten recruiting classes for this year and next. This year will still be fun in Scott Stadium; next year we'll start winning. Watch out, trash talking VPISU fans....Kharma's a fickle bitch.

Big Al G said...

Bibb, top ten recruiting classes in the ACC? Who ranked Virginia in the top 10? Better re-check Rivals and ESPN.

Doc Milnamo said...

No bitching here. Just very happy that the college football season has started. TIA

Beyond Bibb's Store said...

So I embellished. Point still stands. The malaise from the Groh era is finished. Football will be fun in the Hook this year. We're all Hokies in Virginia one day each April. This isn't April. I just want to catch some good games from all around the country this Fall. CW, you going to the DC edition of Army Navy this year? I might carry my dad up for the game.

"The Hammer" said...

The job numbers for August came out today and there's a lot talk about a "double dip" recession.
Let me put this talk to rest. We are not going to have a second recession because we never came out of the first recession. Obama has been running the country on a Bank Of Shanghai credit card and made the numbers look ok (not good, just ok) for a while, but we have never really recovered. Nor will we until the economy is allowed to find its own equilibrium, we get some of this bad debt written off (and hopefully some of Obama's constituency is on the streets begging) and we get federal spending and regulation under control.

If I had my way, I'd put DOJ on some of these criminals who have raped this country. I'd have a Nürnberg Trial for some of these scumbags like Jim Johnson and Franklin Raines. But hey, that's just me. I know that would be divisive and very traumatic for our leftist, patriotic opponents. But then again, I don't give a shit.

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