Sunday, August 14, 2011

Off to Iowa

In a few hours, I'll be off to Iowa for a week of volunteering on the Romney for President effort there.  In an act of cosmic bad timing, I'll arrive the day AFTER the Iowa Straw Poll, which Governor Romney did not contest.  That's ok--Iowa's still a hotbed of activity, and it is a great place to see how things get done on the ground.  I have absolutely no idea what it is I'll be doing this week, but I do know that I'll be blogging here about it.  Always wanted to go to Iowa, so now I'll get my chance.  One disappointment is that the Des Moines minor league club is on the road all week--again, bad timing.

As for the Iowa Straw Poll and its results--well, that's what you get in a straw poll.  Whoever's got the most motivated ground game, ready to bus folks in from the four corners of the state...will win.  Rep. Bachman's got a good bit of support there, and Ron Paul's folks are always energized.  I wouldn't put too much credence on what happened there yesterday, especially given Governor Perry's entrance into the race.

I think initially, Perry's hat in the ring hurts everyone, but it hurts Romney least.  Let's face it--Perry and Romney are pretty different, even within the right portion of the spectrum.  My suspicion is that Perry will suck up the oxygen currently supplying Bachman, Cain, Santorum, Pawlenty and things will eventually turn into a two-man race between Perry and Romney--as differentiated choices.  That will be a good campaign, and it will provide 1) a clear choice for Republicans and 2) two men who would be better Presidents than Barack Obama. I certainly hope that the race remains civil--as at some point--Perry and Romney would make a pretty good ticket, irrespective of who leads it.

UPDATE:  T-Paw's out, not surprising.  A good man and an able Governor...but didn't catch fire.

Some guys go to baseball fantasy camp...I go to work on a campaign.  Whatever floats your boat, huh?


Sally said...

I hate this stupid straw poll. A clown like Bachmann wins and steals the headlines and someone who would be a great general election candidate is forced to bow out.

"The Hammer" said...

You know everybody is counting Bachmann out, I think prematurely. She's got the fire in her belly and she hates Obama worthless ass, and that goes a long way with right-wingers. And contrary to what BigFred says, she's seems pretty damned intelligent. I'm starting to think she could be the American Maggie Thatcher.

It's still real early so anything can happen. Romney is by no means a lock even though he's the obvious choice of the Firestone National/Pebble Beach/Pinehurst wing of the party. There's a long way to go yet.

And by the way CW, you just try to stay out of trouble in Iowa. There's a lot of mischief a guy like you could get into in a place like that. Those people are out there so keep it between the ditches!

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