Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ron Paul has Enthusiastic Supporters

The evidence? One of them has taken out a full-page ad in a Texas paper, seeking anyone who may have had sex with Rick Perry.

The man running the ad, Mr. Robert Morrow, is the President of the Committee of Sexual Hypocrisy which helps women publicize their dealings with Christian-buzzword spouting family-values hypocrites. (Mr. Morrow is also the lone member of the Committee). He claims to know Perry is a womanizer because he himself is a frequest patronizer of strip clubs and has great contacts in the strip club world.

This is really sleazy, and is sure to bring out a bunch of frauds. I don't believe Perry is a womanizer, but even if he is and goes down in flames because of it, Ron Paul is hardly going to be the benefactor of that flame-out.

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Bill Shuster said...

I saw him in one of the back rooms at the Cheetah III in Atlanta with a bunch of strippers and the Bilderbergers.

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