Monday, March 4, 2013

Confession Soothes the Soul continued....

4) Americans are too tolerant, WAY TOO TOLERANT. In fact we are so tolerant the fringe elements of society are not satisfied with tolerance, they want unqualified acceptance (I'm into women's shoes myself, but only Prada pumps and only red). It's not enough we put up with their ludicrous behaviors and lifestyles, we should be made to like it. Now I'm not an authoritarian, I'm a live and let live kinda guy, and as long as someone pays their taxes, obeys the laws and doesn't try to subvert the joint, I'm cool. But as with so many things in life there's a line there. I can't tell you where it is but I know when you've crossed it and if you want to overturn traditions like marriage, something that is an important part of every society in the recorded history of mankind, then you better have a better reason than I feel discriminated against. Equal protection under the law is what we strive for, but the law is based in part on tradition, and that tradition must be respected otherwise the law becomes ad hoc and meaningless.
We are also way too tolerant of other cultures. It upsets me no end when people from an ancient, feudal, authoritarian shithole come to my country and attempt to transform it into the ancient, feudal, authoritarian shithole they just left. I'm not a xenophobe but if I had my way foreigners would of course be accepted into America, immigration would be allowed in a controlled way, but no child would automatically gain American citizenship by accident of birth. That is a ridiculous interpretation of the 14th. Amendment and everybody knows it. And one more thing, foreigners legally here may participate in all that America has to offer, but no person born on foreign soil should be allowed to participate in our internal politics in any way shape form or fashion. Mexico (another country of immigrants) and other countries have this law and I think it makes perfect sense. At least I haven't seen any George Soros types hanging around Cancun lately.

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