Saturday, March 2, 2013

Time For a Red Card

    There's a saying in European football that goes like this: "The referee was wearing 'Liverpool' underwear" (you pick the team). What this means is one team received a lot of favorable calls and the officials are either corrupt or stupid. Well in America the officials are wearing Democrat underwear. The reasons are the reasons and they're moot at this point, but don't think this is entirely the Democrats doing. To the contrary my Allen-Edmonds wearing friend, in large measure it's the Republican's fault.
    Ok, we as conservatives have a problem, we've got a corrupt media, NOT a biased media but a CORRUPT media (as I and everyone else have said many times ad nauseam). This isn't a new situation, they've been strongly biased for decades now. But what's different now is the Soros money has them organized and focused, with no tolerance for dissent (look how they've gone after Bob Woodward).
    Here in banjo country we have a couple of very illustrative scandals going on that could be devastating for North Carolina Democrats, but I'm sure won't be. First we've got the Chairman of the State Board of Elections (as was, a Mr. Gary Bartlett) who's job was to ensure the integrity of elections (but perhaps thought he was Obama's NC campaign manager) cooperating extensively with a far left, Soros funded advocacy group called Democracy NC. They shared strategy and emails detailing internal meetings at the NCSBE, they coordinated attacks on Republican legislators...minor stuff like that. Plus Mr. Bartlett knowingly and with forethought broke North Carolina election law. I quote the Civitas Institute (a local conservative think-tank)...
In a blatantly partisan move, the staff of the North Carolina State Board of Elections (SBE) successfully subverted state law to facilitate online voter registration in North Carolina by the 2012 Barack Obama campaign. In doing so they coordinated with partisans behind closed doors, lied about the NC Attorney General’s Office concurring with the SBE staff on the issue, and dodged oversight by their own board and the legislature. The end result was to add thousands of people to the North Carolina voter rolls illegally.    
Will Bartlett go to jail? I doubt it. He's since resigned but currently the Chairman and Secretary of the SBE are Democrats along with two more Democrat members and two Republicans. So someone will spill coffee on the computer and that will be that.
    The other scandal involves a hardleft, Soros funded (funny how his name keeps cropping up) "charitable organization" Blueprint NC that issued an internal memo (that leaked) which stated they intended to "eviscerate, mitigate, litigate, cogitate and agitate" the newly elected Republican legislature and Republican Gov. Pat McCrory. Hmmm, has the I.R.S. expanded the parameters for charitable organizations because this sounds a lot like A.C.O.R.N. to me? Of course after initially admitting authoring and distributing the memo now they deny it (apparently they 'misunderstood' the question from the reporter). But not to worry, they'll be out of the news real soon as the big NC papers have no interest and WRAL's owner, well known limousine liberal Jim Goodman is a damn contributor to these pack of thugs.
    The point is the media and the Democrats are one and the same. Until we develop a strategy for addressing this problem we will continue to lose. The problem is not policy (that's the Democrat's problem), the problem is messaging and our ability to relate our message coherently to the voters without going through the liberal sieve. We either crack this nut or the Republicans (and conservatives) are done.

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