Sunday, March 24, 2013

How We Doing So Far?

    Not great. This year's tournament has been not so much "upset city babeee!" as "what the hell!?" Florida Gulf Coast (which I had never heard of) beats an established Big East program like Georgetown by 10 points!? Pussy-ass Harvard whips a third seed New Mexico (coached by Bobby Knight's boy Steve Alford) which if you noticed all the talking heads were obviously picking as a break out team? As we say down South, something ain't right, there's been a field hand on the woodpile somewhere.
    Now don't get me wrong, I haven't seen FGCU or Harvard play all year and maybe they're the friggin' bomb, I wouldn't know. But this just goes to show I don't care who you are you had better be ready to play. Most of the "smaller" teams like the aforementioned only have one game in 'em, and you're gonna see it the first game. And most of these "big time" coaches (whether they admit it or not) are pacing their teams for the whole tournament, so they aren't quite as emotionally involved let's say, as the smaller teams. So regardless of how or why, there is a lot of egg on a lot of faces.
    So who's looking good? From where I'm sitting Marquette looks VERY dangerous. They've got a hot-shooting guard who can hit in the clutch, good inside play and most importantly they know how to win down the stretch. To beat this team you're gonna have to BEAT this team. They can come from behind and they don't get rattled. Look out for these guys.
    Oregon has an ax to grind. This team won the Pac-12 and were seeded 12th? I don't think they were amused. But apart from a bad stretch in January this is an outstanding team. They wore Ok State's ass clean out and spanked a pretty good St. Louis team. If they can get past Louisville (admittedly a tough proposition) then Katie bar the door.
   Now a personal note. I'm sorry I didn't get the pool off the ground. It was kinda dumped in my lap at the last moment (CW is a real asshole sometimes) otherwise I would have promoted it a bit more. Plus the host (CBS Sports) is a little difficult to maneuver. Or it could be I am universally hated as being a loudmouthed, inbred, stump-jumping Redneck no civilized person would have anything to do with so screw The Hammer and his pool. To which I say...I haven't stump-jumped in years.

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