Friday, July 19, 2013

Big Fat Friday Free For All

In all my flabby splendor!

What's on your minds, folks?

Your photo show up on the cover of Rolling Stone, but you're getting no chicks out of it?

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Tom de Plume said...

Didja catch the report this week that some Washington DC government agencies are not paying their workers the living wage they demand Of Wal-Mart? Typical liberal arrogance and hypocrisy.

Detroit. Tits up. How many years of "Democrat party" rule has it been? I really, really, really hope the unions get screwed on this one.

And speaking of unions, how 'bout the 2000 members of the Chicago teaches union who will be getting their pink slips? Might be time for all those educators to get into those investment banking jobs that they all claim to have passed up in order to become "educators".

I see Hillary was heartbroken over the demise of a young thug in a Florida shooting incident. Is this the same wench who responded to the deaths of Americans in Benghazi with "what difference does it make"?

Mudge said...

Headline of an AP report in DC yesterday (with some missing information filled in to be consistent with recent global reporting on a somewhat similar case):

"1 of 3 (black) men accused in vicious Capitol Hill beating (of a white man) acquitted (of beating the white man), convicted on other charges (not related to the assault that left the white man with the brain function of a cauliflower)"

Two interesting notes:

1. The white victim was in Washington DC walking to his car from a Nationals game. Being in DC, his 2nd Amendment right to arm himself was infringed and he could not defend himself even though the police were not there to help him either.

2. The acquitted black man, who was armed, was a year older than a "child." In other words, he was 18. One of his partners was 19. But that is so far distant from 17 I guess that it explains why he was somehow able to beat up an older white man.

The report did not mention whether the President, Attorney General or any of the "Reverends" will be making speeches, initiating investigations or holding vigils on the white victim's behalf.

For what it's worth, here's the AP story, oddly free of any outrage or sanctimony.

WASHINGTON — A man accused of taking part in a vicious beating in Washington’s Capitol Hill neighborhood has been acquitted in the attack by a jury but was convicted of robbing three other men later that night.

A D.C. Superior Court jury Friday found 18-year-old Sunny Kuti of Washington not guilty of aggravated assault while armed and armed robbery in the Aug. 18 beating of Thomas C. Maslin. The jury did, however, convict Kuti of being involved in an attack on three men in Adams Morgan about an hour or so after the Maslin attack.

Kuti was one of three men accused of attacking Maslin, who was walking home from a Nationals game. Tommy Branch was previously convicted of participating in the attack and 19-year-old Michael Moore of Landover pleaded guilty.

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