Monday, July 29, 2013

CNN Host Has Strong Words for Black America


I realize that a large portion of black and liberal America will see this piece by CNN's Don Lemon as simple "Uncle Tommery", but that friends, is exactly the problem.  Lemon's words here are strong, they are clear, and they are spot on.

And most of them apply to white America as well.  


BigFred said...

Great video!

Mudge said...

Wonder how long he'll keep his job at CNN. I admire his candor. And if people choose to label him a "Tom", I suspect they will have grossly underestimated him. I don't see this guy as playing anyone's fool, black or white.

Race Bannon said...

Well said. I don't watch him, I would not have expected that.

These problems are not special to the Black community, but they are pandemic in that community.

Unknown said...

I watched the news and they just talked during the whole trial like this was the only black person to die in America for the last 10 years or something. I feel sorry for both sides in this as it could have been avoided. I do have this to say is I got tired of seeing the picture of Martin as a much younger person than he was when it happened. It is trying to push a agenda that a young boy was killed. Someone sent me a picture of him as he is today and I didn't know who it was until I read the bottom of the email. I have always said that when you go to court you should have to wear the same clothes you wore on whatever day it was that got you into court in the first place.

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