Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Obamacare Employer Mandate Slips A Year

Suddenly adopting a pro-business attitude, the Obama Administration will, through unilateral regulatory authority granted it by a pliant Democratic Congress under the Affordable Care Act of 2010 (puke), delay the "Employer Mandate" provisions of the law one year, to 2015.  See this Weekly Standard piece on the ins and outs of the decision. 

While the Administration is pinning the slide on its desire to be responsive to the complaints of the business community, this is of course, rubbish.  This move can more correctly be called the "Save Harry Reid's Job as Majority Leader" delay, as the Democratic Party did not want to have to participate in mid-cycle Congressional elections with this hanging over their heads.

That said, while the employer mandate slips, the individual mandate remains in place.  That alone offers political hay to the Republicans.

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Mudge said...

"That alone offers political hay to the Republicans."

Maybe so, but if the GOP leadership was a football team, you could give them the ball on the Dems' 1-yd line, make the defense stand behind the goal post and the GOP would either fumble the snap or, as they've done with "comprehensive immigration reform" take the snap and run to the wrong endzone. I have no faith in them to do anything with "political hay" these days short of turning it into political manure.

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