Saturday, July 27, 2013

Way Better MLB Photos

[Ed Note: This is an admittedly cheap and pandering attempt to stimulate the CW economy by increasing the volume of CW website "hits" as we attempt to recover from the worst readership recession in CW's history. We would like to point out that CW's guest bloggers inherited this recession but commit to you that we are doing everything in our power, between golfing, vacations and other distractions that is, to turn this around. But it's going to take...uhm...uhm...(can somebody reset the teleprompter dammit?)...time and your help so we're just going to ask everyone to do his or her fair share. So read The CW. And you better do it because, you know, we know people at the IRS.]



And just so you don't think we're only looking out for the male readers, here's a nice little selection for you ladies out there:

You're welcome.

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Beyond Bibb's Store said...

God, I love baseball.

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