Sunday, September 29, 2013

Obamacare Can Save Us!

That's right friends, Obamacare can save us. It is such a mess (this is an actual Obamacare flow chart, NOT a joke), so vulnerable to corruption, so rife with illegal/ad hoc waivers added by executive decree and I think so unworkable, impractical and foolish that this could potentially be the beginning of the end for the welfare state. As Daniel Henninger  wrote the other day, socialized medicine is the Holy Grail of liberalism and if it fails it will discredit statism as an ideology for decades to come.

So, I hope all this talk about shutting down the government is just a tactic to strip away all the sweetheart deals and waivers Obama has granted to Congress and his bum chums. If we've going to have Obamacare then EVERYBODY needs to have Obamacare. Let's all share the gain/pain and let the chips fall where they may. The Democrats have gone all in drawing to an inside straight, let's make sure they walk away with just their dicks in their hands.

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C-Low said...

Name one statist welfare program that has failed: easy yes I know.

Now name one statist welfare program that has failed and repealed?


The Rhinos, media, and liberal plan B has already shown the way if they fail to go full statist gov controlled health care. It will be REPLACE. They are already beating the conservatives over the head with you cannot Repeal it without a plan to REPLACE it with.

The problem with healthcare is the government regulation, insurance companies, and lawyers using that regulation to get rich sueing doctors and facilities.

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