Thursday, September 5, 2013

NFL Predictions

When the people of the United States broke my heart last fall and re-elected arguably the worst President of my life, I turned to sports for solace, becoming more of a "fan", watching more games of all kinds, and listening to sports radio.  All of which qualifies me to prognosticate on this coming NFL Season.   Here we go:

East--Dallas.  This is Romo's breakout year.
North--Green Bay.  Green Bay gets a running game
South--New Orleans.  Welcome back
West--Seattle.  Will win a few more games on the road
Wild Cards:  San Francisco, Atlanta
Champion:  Seattle

East--Miami.  All the building blocks are in place.
North--Baltimore.  Won't lose a thing on defense.
South--Indianapolis.  Luck keeps getting better
West--Denver.  Manning has a career season.
Wild Cards:  New England, Cincinnati
Champion:  Denver

Super Bowl:  Denver

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