Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Autumn Beckons

It started yesterday morning when as if on cue, the sounds of migratory geese were heard overhead as I let the dogs out for their morning business.  Their boisterous, winged presence coincided with the first day of school for Kitten #2, and so Summer had officially come to an end, though it has a few weeks left astronomically.

The open windows in our bedroom made for a very chilly wake-up, and when I had my wits about me, I checked on the weather for the next ten days.  My findings confirmed my suspicion that there would be no more air conditioning needed for this year, either in the house or in the ManCave.  Its absence in the house will not be mourned by its Lady, as she believes A/C is a sign of the weakening of American Society, and only begrudgingly accepted its installation during our recent renovation.  So sure am I of the steady cooling of the days that I returned from the gym today fired up to remove the window A/C from the ManCave and re-stow it in its attic resting place.  The window is now obstructed by a box fan ushering in the pleasant air off the front field of soy beans, while the screen door allows for its exit.  It is delightful.

Fully engaged now in the Autumn worship, I turned my attention to recreation, which in these parts means hunting.  In order to obtain my hunting license, The People's State of Maryland required me to take a mindless online Hunting Safety course and pass a 50 question order that I may then attend a day-long field day/hunting safety test (requested for 29 September in some god-forsaken corner of the Eastern Shore) order that I obtain a voucher stating that I had completed said order than I might obtain the requisite hunting licenses.  No such bureaucratic nightmare from the Commonwealth of Virginia, who simply shook me down for over $200 worth of non-resident hunting license fees but delivered the required paperwork electronically with alacrity.  This is the year I get my deer.  And my goose.   And my duck.

College football is underway, the Pros start Thursday night, and I make my first appearance at a UVA game this Saturday (vs. Oregon, gadzooks). 

Yes, it is Autumn.  And it is wonderful. 


Mariusz Pudzianowski said...

I don't understand why you walk the AC up and down and attic and out the door. Place it on the ground, put a table and tablecloth over top. Problem solved. You're not getting any younger you know.

Mudge said...

Those, most likely, were "resident" geese. I suppose an enlightened liberal might call them "undocumented" geese. Their forebearers migrated, found the local patches of well-kept fescues and ryes to be ample reason to stop the madness of flying in a V back and forth across N. America and took up residence. As the Easton breeding grounds lack coyotes, Arctic foxes and other nurserial marauders, they were also perfect for making "anchor" goslings every Spring as well as going through the late Spring - early Summer molt that renders them flightless for much of the warmer months. They, along with their anchor G's, get their flight feathers back about the same time in late Summer and start their daily circuits between the local food sources which they know quite well. Their harder-working cousins, who still honor the conditions of their work visas as well as their traditional cultural norms, won't be arriving for another month or two.

"The Hammer" said...

You may get your duck but the Ducks will likely get you back. But I'm glad to see UVA playing Oregon.
I subscribe to the Bobby Bowden formula for college football success and that is if you want to be the best you have to play and eventually BEAT the best. Bowden signed any deal he could to play the major powers, early on two away and one at home was pretty common. Now granted, at the beginning going to Ann Arbor with an inferior team was no fun but it paid dividends in recruiting, raised Florida State's profile and eventually the cash started rolling in! THAT is how you build a program.
Can you imagine what would have the most impact, Bowden sitting in some recruits kitchen saying yesiree we're playing Florida Atlantic this year in Boca Raton or hey, we're going to Norman, Oklahoma to take on the mighty Sooners on national television?
And our (NCSU) out of league schedule this year? La. Tech, Richmond and Central Michigan. And guess what? We're going to get La. Tech, Richmond and Central Michigan caliber recruits next year...and crappy money!

JB said...

"People's Republic of Maryland"

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