Sunday, September 8, 2013

Syria and Benghazi

There are a lot of good reasons to not support the President's plan to attack Syria.  There are a lot of good reasons TO support the President's plan to attack Syria.

For me, one of the more important reasons NOT to support it is that I simply do not trust the man as a leader, and it flows from his performance and that of his administration in the aftermath of the murders at Benghazi.  I know, I know...the Bought and Paid For Media and its political wing (The Democratic Party) would have us believe that Benghazi was a non-story, that there was no there, there.  They would have us believe that it was a creation of the crazed Right, and that no real investigation is needed into the tragic circumstances.

In the process of co-evolving this narrative, the Left has simply destroyed any good will that the President should (by the theory of Tie Goes to the Runner) expect from the Right.  It isn't just is a lot of folks like me.  Folks who don't believe there is a strategy, and who don't trust a word that comes out of the President's mouth or that of his adjutants unless it can be independently verified.  People who don't trust that the President has what it takes to fight out the tough ones.  People who don't think that he does his homework, understands his job, and makes good decisions.

So the Left thinks the Right is a lot of loonies and that we've made up a Benghazi scandal for our own entertainment.  Forgive me if I shed no tears as the Administration conducts its woeful Whip counts.

Their bed, they shall lie in it.

Update:  Seems Fox News agrees with me.

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LL said...

There are a lot of "progressive left" types who are seeing their hero tarnishing his Nobel Prize. They complained bitterly when George W. invaded Iraq but I don't see any outrage from them now.

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