Friday, October 4, 2013

Big Fat Friday Free For All

Just reminded by my big brother Tom that I haven't posted this today--so here goes!

S'matter, Bub?  Wondering if you'll be Speaker after the new year?  Tired of hassling WWII Vets?  Get it off your chest!

Today's Weight:  185
Last Friday's Weight: 187.2
Diet Start Weight: 197.8 (08/11/13)


Tom de Plume said...

You know, the photos of the phatties are no longer phunny, now that I have to pay for their healthcare.

"The Hammer" said...


Dan M. said...


The Conservative Wahoo said...

Nope--just less food more movement.

Anonymous said...

Just to make you feel guilty, I dropped from 257 down to 185 three years ago and have maintained at 185 ever since. :)

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Congrats. Why would your weight loss make me feel guilty?

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